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Megan Ehlert, Steven Voigt, Elizabeth Leland, Walker Linde
Rally of Christian Kids-May 11, 2014

Food and fun was had by about 58 people at the Winter Wonderland event on the evening of Sunday, January 26. A wonderful meal of lettuce salad elaine, grilled pork sirloin, cheesy potatoes, and stir fry green beans with slivered almonds was served with an ice cream dessert. Gary Hagen emceed the game of "Family Feud" with 6 different teams competing.

Mystery Dinner-November 17, 2013 Thirty-five people took the plunge to sign up for an unknown destination. An enjoyable evening with fantastic food and fellowship took place at Pattie's Place in Mapleton. There was even time to do some shopping in Pattie's Boutique.

Confirmants-Kelsey, Bobby, Hayley, Sydney, Zach, Faith, Austin

LOVE Bible Study Group from Good Shepherd provided and served the Community Dinner on Tuesday, August 6, 2013.  This took place at the Good Shepherd fellowship hall. Fifty-four people enjoyed a meal of lasagna, salad, garlic toast, sherbet and cookies.

A fun time was enjoyed by all who attended the 2013 Annual Church Auction.