National Youth Gathering


Good Shepherd has 13 youth, grades 9-12, and 2 adults going to the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans.  We will leave Sunday, July 15th around 10:00 pm after having a sending service at Trinity Church in Blue Earth.  We have met with these youth to set up some plans for the trip and we will meet again for a covenant get together again in May or June. We will stop for one day and night in St. Louis to do some sightseeing.  We will arrive in New Orleans sometime on Tuesday the 17th when we can try to register and get settle into our hotel.  The actual gathering starts on Wednesday the 18th.  The South East MN synod is the 2nd largest contingency to attend the gathering behind South Dakota by only 10 youth, which is pretty amazing!  We will be doing some small group learning as well as a discipleship tour.  We are slated to help serve communion on the last day.  That service will be available on a live website on Sunday, July 22.  We will load the bus immediately following the service to return home sometime on Monday, July 23rd.

We have been fundraising for this event for the last 2 ½ years.  It has not only been a time for raising money to go, but to gather for  fellowship.  We are all getting excited to go and witness what previous gatherers have shared as an “awesome experience” that cannot be put into words.

The veteran youth are seniors Chris Melby and Leslie Drugg and juniors Cole Stencel and Trey Allis.  We are hoping their previous experience will allow for some good leadership for the others that are going.  Other juniors are Ali Wood, Brenda Soto, Sam Huper, Cobi Bullerman, and Colin Becher.  Sophomores consist of Walker Linde, Steve Voigt, Lizzy Leland, and the loan freshman is Kyley Bullerman.  The adult leaders are Doug Becher and Amy Anderson.